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High Quality Chinese Caskets for up to 70% of the Wholesale Cost of US Manufactured Caskets

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High Quality Chinese Caskets at 70% off US Wholesale Price

One Source China LLC helps you import China caskets at factory cost. You will pay the lowest cost for high quality wood and metal burial caskets on the planet.

China caskets are of the same high quality as any of the leading US casket manufacturers, but at a fraction of the cost. Our clients save anywhere from $500 to $4000 per casket.

From China
To You

However, importing caskets is complicated and risky for most and it involves various processes from communication with the factory to shipping them to your warehouse with too many chances for problems to occur.

One Source China LLC handles the whole process for you for an extremely low service fee so your costs remain low. Our service fee is lower than what it costs you to travel to China to inspect your order before it ships. Our staff in China inspects all our clients orders before they ship so you can be certain that you will get what you paid for at the quality you expect.

Our services include:

Here�s what you can save by importing caskets from Chinese casket manufacturers:

# of Caskets
US Casket Wholesale Cost
Chinese Casket Cost after shipping to you

With these savings, how can you afford not to import China caskets?

Call or email Jonathan to learn how you can save $1000�s.

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